Hack Tracks

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Hack Tracks is a no-frills pattern based drum sequencer exclusively for the webOS TouchPad.  It does not look fancy, but it is meant to sound great!  It is currently a work in progress.  The open alpha version of the app is freely available in the App Catalog at this link.  To download, click the previous link from the TouchPad.  Note: you must use the default TouchPad browser to visit the link.  There have been reports that 3rd party browser apps do not handle the link properly.

Current feature list:
  • Able to save multiple songs
  • Each song supports 10 channels and 16 patterns
  • Layer multiple patterns at once by toggling on/off during playback
  • Control of BPM and Shuffle
  • Use any 16 bit, 44.1 khz .wav file as a sample
  • High quality drum samples included
  • More features currently being added
For updates, follow @juxtaflux on Twitter and join the discussion on the juxtaflux developer forum at the webOS Nation site.

Here's the Teaser Trailer for Hack Tracks:

Screenshot showing pattern editor (click to enlarge):
Hack Tracks screenshot

Screenshot showing per-channel volume control (click to enlarge)