"juxtaflux" is an HP webOS mobile app developer (formerly known as "Thing10"").  Our current products are:

Hack Tracks icon
Hack Tracks - a no-frills pattern based drum sequencer exclusively for the webOS TouchPad.  Open alpha version of app freely available at this link.

Power Lines - A 2-4 player multiplayer game where you go head to head with your friends, all on one device!  All webOS devices supported (including TouchPad and Pre3).  (App Catalog Link)

AudioScape - A drum, piano, guitar, and sound effect machine.  Comes with over 100 sounds!  Available in the App Catalog for free!  All webOS devices supported (including TouchPad and Pre3!) (App Catalog link)



Version 00.01.06 of Hack Tracks adds per-channel volume, mute, and solo control.  Download instructions for alpha-version are at Hack Tracks link.


Version 00.01.05 of Hack Tracks open alpha is available.  Download instructions are at the Hack Tracks link.  This new update adds user interface improvements.


A Hack Tracks open alpha build is now freely available for testing at this App Catalog link.


Announced Hack Tracks and its teaser video!


Fixed an AudioScape bug that was reported to me.  The screen was not being drawn properly on Pre 2's running newer versions of webOS (ex: 2.2.4).  The fix went live in the App Catalog today.


Good times!  Power Lines currently has an average rating of 4.8/5.0 stars in the App Catalog!  AudioScape just passed 100,000 downloads and is now available for the Pre 3!


The TabletSupportForum.com giveaway is complete.  Congrats to all the winners!


Power Lines is now available in the App Catalog!  Go get it with this link to the App Catalog.  Also, TabletSupportForum.com is running an app showcase and giveaway here.  Enter to win a free copy of Power Lines! 


Power Lines is nearing completion and will be released to the App Catalog shortly.


Got Power Lines running well on the TouchPad!


Looking for beta testers for Power Lines.  Drop us a line using our Contact page if you have access to a webOS device (TouchPad or phone) and are interested.


The name change from "Thing10" to "juxtaflux" just got approved in the App Catalog.  We are now "juxtaflux."


Very rough iteration of website goes live.


Released a new version of AudioScape that fully supports the webOS TouchPad.